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VoIP Phone providers are dialling into a new digital age

Interita - August 15, 2016 - 0 comments

VoIPVoIP is storming into our headsets and taking telecommunications over to a new digital age! But understanding what is meant by the term VoIP can be tricky… 

The VoIP Definition

The definition: “a technology or set of standards for delivery of telephone calls and other voice communications over the Internet, involving conversion of analogue voice signals to digital form.”


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and works off your broadband internet. VoIP is an IP telephony term, that provides a rich set of features for the delivery of voice information over the internet. This involves sending small packages of information in digital form, rather than using the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public switch telephone network. The most attractive benefit of using VoIP is that it avoids roaming and toll charges, which is unlike any ordinary telephone service.   

Calling all VoIP Phones   

A VoIP Phone uses the internet signal to make and receive phone calls to anywhere around the world. If you’re already paying for your broadband then you can wave goodbye to overseas roaming charges. The VoIP Phone cuts out the calling costs and solely relies on your broadband connection. This means you can make international calls without a hefty roaming charge.

The benefits:

  • Free calls nationally and internationally
  • No line rental charges
  • No need to sign up to a network provider (unless you opt for On-site VoIP)
  • VoIP is programmed into your telephone systems so it’s exactly the same as using your office phone.

How VoIP worksVoIP

A Cloud PBX system works online on cloud computing technology, this system stores data and transfers it over the internet. This is how VoIP is transferred over the internet, it uses the Cloud PBX system to deliver the voice over the internet. By using a PBX system, it avoids using the Public Telephone Switch Network, thus giving us VoIP.

By using the Cloud PBX system you can install your office and smart phones onto the network. This means that you can use the network anywhere around the world. All you have to do is plug in and connect to the internet. The network works as an umbrella, hosting all the users. This is a great tool when it comes to working away from the office, as the number will still appear the same as you work telephone number. Therefore it’s like you never left.  

Increased functionality

This software increases the accessibility that traditional phone networks cannot even dream of doing. Incoming calls are automatically transferred to your VoIP phone where ever you plug into the network. This means you can take your VoIP phone on a trip with you. As long as you’ve got a good internet connection, no one will have even noticed you’ve left your desk. 

Did you know you can tailor your Caller ID to show your preferred location? So if you’re going on a trip you can appear to not have left the country, by calling off the office number. 

What do you need?

All you need is a good internet connection and an IP Phone, we do the rest! 

Want to know more? Then call us on: 0845 313 0987 to book a FREE digital health check! Or email us at to arrange an appointment. 

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