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How useful are telephone landlines for your business?

Interita - June 27, 2017 - 1 comment

Well, it all depends on what your business needs? The small business phone system is the backbone of its enterprise and often a landline is crucial for this. Now though, many businesses are turning to internet VoIP-style phone systems, which is fine for some. However, if your small sales business needs to make regular local calls then hold onto your landline as it could be right for you.

There are certain issues that are going to affect telephone line rental with reportedly landline costs being cut for over 2 million customers.  Only due to watchdog intervention. Yet 2017 saw a rise in landline costs from the big telecoms providers due to various reasons. Many households get telephone line rental as part of a set package for their broadband and digital TV. It’s likely that your business will also need broadband for email communications.


5 Reasons Your Landline Helps a Small Business Phone System


1) You need it for the internet

Most telecoms providers such as BT or Virgin install a landline as part of a set package that includes a mandatory broadband internet contract. This also gives you the option to expand with  VoIP phone system should your business need it.


2) Free Inclusive calls

For those small sales businesses starting out that make lots and lots of daily, local calls it makes smart financial sense to retain as much free inclusive calls as you can. 


3)  Credit score

Yes, every business needs available credit and having a landline registered to a fixed address can increase your credit score, giving you stronger lending power. In this uncertain economy, you might even need it.


4)  Cheaper International Calls

If included as part of your landline package it can be far cheaper making international calls rather than from a mobile. Also with include calls packages and business need to call overseas more than once, it makes sense to cut costs where you can.


5) Fees

If you already have a fixed landline contract then getting rid of it could be unnecessarily expensive. If your business doesn’t have one then you probably need one to get broadband internet. So it’s often better to have than to have not.



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