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The importance of business telephone systems

Interita - October 31, 2016 - 0 comments

Business telephone systems are beneficial for all business types. In 2016 it is so easy to forget the importance of making a generic phone call. We are becoming wrapped up in the endless apps and online communication systems, which are beneficial to our businesses but sometimes issues can be solved with a quick phone call. If the person or client is local to you, why not just give them a call? Here are four reasons why you should pick up the phone and put down the mobile app…

Solves issues quickly

People who call have an urgent problem, therefore by speaking directly to them you can help secure a quick fix and potentially keep your existing customer. You can answer any issues or questions a new or existing customer has about your service, whilst potentially making a new sale.

Not only can you talk directly to the client and solve their issue but you can also identify issues that may affect other customers. For example, if your website is not functioning as it should be, the client may call and voice this issues. From that phone call you may have saved a sale and potentially secured hundreds of other sales by fixing the website quicker because you were alerted to the problem.

39% of mobile searchers, who used “click-to-call” usually call businesses.

Having a phone number is good for the brandbusiness telephone systems

A phone number makes potential clients feel safer when they consider buying from your company. For example, if you sell business telephone systems but you don’t have a phone number, it would question your intentions. A Google survey recently showed that 47% of people searching on a mobile phone will look for another company if they don’t see a phone number in a company’s ad. A phone number indicated legitimacy. It says ‘I can reach you directly and talk to a real person if I ever have a problem.’ Furthermore, it helps clients to understand where you’re located from the area code and reinforces your offline presence. It shows you’re real.

Not everyone has an internet connection

We often forget that not everyone is glued to computer screens and some people have actually never even used one. Therefore if a potential client comes into your shop or office you must make sure to provide them with a phone number as an alternative means of gathering information about your services or products. According to Internet Live Stats, around 40% of the world’s population have access to the internet. That’s less than half.

Your competition might not be picking up

Businesses are a competitive ground and sometimes a simple phone call can steal a client away. If your competition does not answer the phone to a potential client, they may go elsewhere and call your company. By having a human voice on the end of the line you can build a relationship with the client and welcome them into your company. You can answer questions quickly and put the client’s mind at ease. By interacting with them you build a positive image of your brand and the client begins to trust your services.

Google says that 84% of people use cell phones along with other devices while surfing. The 48% of local mobile searches ended with a call.

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