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Mobile phones; the new business telephone systems?

Interita - September 22, 2016 - 0 comments

Business telephone systems are changing dramatically with the times. The new age has introduced mobile phones into the business world.

Small businesses are benefiting from a range of factors that a mobile device can bring to the office. Here at Meridian, we have picked the best advantages of integrating a mobile phone into your business telephone system.

Mobile business telephone systems business telephone systems

With new technologies and SIP Trunks PBX systems, mobile devices are perfect if you’re working away from the office. By choosing to use your mobile device you can opt for a VoIP service as part of your business telephone systems.  Voice over internet protocol works by combining your office phones onto one server, which allows you to make calls using your internet connection. This cuts out the calling costs and roaming charges. For more information on VoIP, read our blog on VoIP phone providers are dialling into a new digital age.’

Keep your office number, whilst working abroad or just around the corner

Virtual Numbers allows your mobile phone to appear as your office phone. A virtual number works off your mobile and splits your personal mobile into two devices. It works by keeping your mobile phone personal, with your own number. However, you can also use your mobile, with your office phone number, along with your business contacts. Learn more about virtual numbers by visiting our blog post on ‘5 benefits of using virtual numbers’.

Mobile twinning; one phone for two needs

Mobile twinning works by integrating your personal mobile with your business telephone systems. This is perfect if you’re on the go, but only have access to your personal mobile. It splits your mobile into an integrated business telephone system and your personal device. If you miss a call, it directs your clients to your PBX Voicemail messenger, rather than “Hi it’s Gary leave a message.” This means you can maintain a professional outlook on your company brand. For more information, read our blog on ‘Mobile Twinning – Is it the answer to every busy business person’s biggest challenge?’

Access to an internet connection whilst you’re away from the computer

There comes a time in every businessman’s life, where they need a few notes for a presentation or a quick scan through the internet before a meeting. With a mobile, you can access the internet anywhere (with mobile data) to make sure you have the required information. This can be integrated for sales leads, as you may find a customer is interested in your service, so you can show them through your company packages and arrange for them to sign up to your mailing system. 

If you are interested in integrating your business telephone systems with your mobile device, call us on 0845 313 0987 and we’ll advise you on the best services and mobile phones.

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