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How to keep your business energy supplies low

Interita - January 26, 2017 - 0 comments

Here at Meridian, we have been looking after business energy supplies for nearly a decade. We have tremendous buying power. We can negotiate substantial discounts that we always pass on to our customers. In fact, we regularly control enough energy supplies to power a small town because of our ability to provide the best value. It’s no wonder our clients consider us the experts because over the years we have discovered the best techniques to keep your business energy supply costs low:



Leaving the lights offLights

It seems obvious but only if you know how, so try and keep the lights down low where and whenever you can in the office. It’s both economically and ecologically friendly to monitor your local staff resources. See what rooms and utilities are being used and then try an audit, you might just be surprised. It is estimated that keeping a lid on the lighting can save your business £84 every year per single light. You can also save money by investing in a skylight to make the most of the natural lighting in your office environment too. The same can probably be said for cutting back on the heating and air conditioning.





Switching off equipment when you’re doneTurn-computer-off-at-night

Money can be saved in much the same way by keeping an eye on the computer and laptop screen savers. It’s easy to adjust your computer settings to go into power saver mode when you are away from your desk for too long. The same principle also applies to everything from printers, photocopiers and even the microwave.

If you think about it, the less your business spends on unwanted lighting costs,  the more you can invest in profitable ventures.





Converting landline telephones to broadband service providers


[This is the big one]outdated-phones

All modern companies use the internet to communicate nowadays. There is no point having a landline if you need to get hold of a colleague away from their desk. There are significantly more options for communicating online than via a telephone landline and many companies use mobile devices that combine both. The amount of money you can save will surprise you and broadband packages often include telephone landlines as well.




OK, so where do you start?

Well, here at Meridian, we can . . .

–  Reduce your energy costs by up 50%.

–  Give free no obligation quotes.

–  Provide a reliable and simple service.

–  Keep your business telephone systems and energy costs under one umbrella.


Remember 80% of our customers have upgraded their business telephone systems for cheaper because we save money.


You can get in touch with us and we can do the hard work for you:

Telephone  – 0845 313 0987

Email –


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