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How a business telephone system helps improve your customer service

Interita - February 23, 2017 - 0 comments

Is it said that for every customer who complains there are 26 who remain silent. 82% of customers leave a company because of bad customer service whilst up to 86% will pay more for good customer service. 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain and a customer is 4x more times likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service related. This is more important than any other reasons, including price. It is vital to improve overall communication and customer service efficiency when and where you can for your company’s reputation. We cannot emphasise how vital keeping customer phone waiting times low are for the success of your business.

Customers think whilst thearn-more-for-better-customer-experienceey are waiting on the phone but what are they thinking?   . . .” How long will this take? . . Why is it taking to long to speak to someone? . . . .”

All of this time could be spent engaging the customer, making and keeping that verbal contract. Signposting during customer calls is essential but so is call transferring capabilities and hold music. A customizable voicemail message is useful for keeping that verbal contract to the customer going.


Is your business telephone system integrated with your CRM?

The CRM is your customer relationship management system. The database you use to keep in contact with your clients. Mobile devices such as smartphones in your business are handy because if integrated with your company networks, or CRM they can provide the ultimate in efficient business communications. This can be essential for those employees always on the road, helping keep them in the loop at all times. A smartphone can do all the admin tasks a desktop computer can do and more. Plus with the ever increasing improvements in a competitive market, they are getting a lot faster too. This all adds up to business efficiency.

Telephone communications systems can make up a substantial amount of any business budget, reducing these costs leads to  further overall efficiency. Here at Meridian, we are renowned for providing cheaper communications solutions.


All of these basic features are essential for a great business telephone system:



 –  Mobile devices for your business

 – Call transferring

 – Conference calling

 – Automated attendance

 – Customizable voicemail and unified messaging


If your office system doesn’t have all or at least some of these, then we strongly consider getting in contact for a free digital health check. Simply click below.



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