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Have You Considered Changing Internet Broadband Provider?

Interita - June 20, 2017 - 0 comments

The UK is supposed to have the best internet broadband coverage in Europe but a recent report shows we are 54th on the list, below many other countries. Infact Britain’s national broadband network is considered inferior to Peru.

Within the UK it is reported that certain regions receive far better 4G coverage than most, and it might surprise you whom. You would expect cosmopolitan regions like Brighton to be ahead but their broadband coverage is apparently poor and slow. Yet places like Middlesborough are currently enjoying 83% availability online.



If you are in a similar situation it may be that your current broadband provider can’t supply what your business needs to grow. That’s not even considering the prices.

 Here are 4 Reasons to Reconsider Your Current Broadband Provider


1) Uncertain Future

Things are looking like change ahead in the broadband market and the post-Brexit economic future looks uncertain. Several developments have been made ranging from increasing business rates to recent changes in BT’s monopolisation of the current UK broadband network operator OneReach. This is going to affect a lot of businesses relying on big brand providers, as they hike up prices to cover losses.  


2) New Technology

As we’ve discussed some areas of the UK are significantly more disadvantaged than others in the current 4G infrastructure, what will happen with the new expected 5g rollout? If you run a small business in the South coast then it’s unlikely that a change in Middlesbrough will affect your business but you will need to keep an eye open and rely on consistent fast broadband to stay ahead of your competitors. Even the big telecoms networks need an upgrade from time to time.


3) VoIP phone systems

As we wrote in our blog last week, a key value of having fast and reliable broadband at your business is to support a VoIP phone system. There are many advantages and we think they’re great. They will really help get your business running.  There is no point having one though if your broadband isn’t up to the task


4) Check your contract

Many providers may try to make you feel like you are stuck but if you examine your contract you might find you can get out quickly before prices rise.  It is true that broadband supply is a legal contract and your business could find themselves paying out even for a dissatisfactory service. However, for over a year now there has been speculation the government are making it legally easier to switch providers. 

It may be just what your business needs and here at Meridian, we know what it takes to help your business save money.



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