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What Every New Business Needs Starting Out

Interita - May 23, 2017 - 0 comments

If you are starting up a new business, you are probably going to start small. It’s likely you have a great idea. If you managed to get financial backing already then you obviously have a great business plan. So you will need everything covered from stationery to your office phone system. Now comes the practical parts, how do you actually get an office up and running? This can be tricky.

You may be a great marketing strategist and have a natural flair for business but it might be the small details that are eluding you. In our experience, there are certain things that every business needs when they first get going. Like most times in business, it’s a very useful technique to make a list of the things you need. However, this can sometimes be too long and complicated. The modern business man doesn’t have time to spend on such things.

At Meridian, we have been helping local businesses save money for years now and so we took the opportunity to make our own list, to help you, the first time business owner get going:

5 Essential Items The New Business Owner Needs


1) Make an itinerary

Obviously. Start by writing down everything your business needs and everything you already have. You can then look into the best and cheapest resources you need.  


2) Desktop computer

A good, reliable desktop computer is a must for those important admin tasks to do when first starting out. Laptops and mobiles are fine for on the road but get something basic first.


3) Get a printer

Most of the times you won’t get paid until you send an invoice to the client. Some offices are indeed paperless these days but you will need a printer for many reasons, letters and legal paperwork just for starters. It is much easier if you have a printer that is connected online to your computer. 


4) Broadband Internet

Actually, this should probably really be first on the list as once you have a broadband internet connection ( that can cost next to nothing) then you have the options for a much better office phone system and other online services like mobiles phones and printers. Also once you have the internet, then you can also consider a website.


5) Phone system

As your business gets successful it will grow naturally. More success means more clients and you may even need more staff to handle the increased workload. Your office will need a phone system and whilst traditional landlines may seem adequate, it may be costing you far too much, depending on how your business model looks. Broadband provider prices can be far more competitive than most realise. 

If you want to plan ahead and think your business has what it takes to last then it may be worth considering looking into a VoIP based phone system.


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