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Corporate Mobile Phones

Tailored To You

Each business is different. You need a mobile phone package that reflects your needs as a business.

Business Smartphones

Smartphones are the future. Your ideal company would supply business smartphones as well as regular mobile phones.

Data Packages

If you’re on the move, you could benefit from mobile internet. You need a company that can supply mobile internet dongles.

Work together to understand your business

Each business is different. You need a company that doesn’t offer “off the shelf” packages, and tailors your package to suit your business. Meridian is dedicated to working together to understand your business’ mobile communication needs and providing bespoke packages with on-going support for a great price.


Never “off the shelf”

At Meridian we tailor our packages to suit your business. This ensures that you get what you need at a budget that suits you.

Smartphones and handsets

We offer smartphone packages as well as rugged, easy to use mobile handsets. Which one you choose is up to you!

Mobile Internet

If you’re on the move, Meridian can supply 3G and 4G dongles that plug into your laptop to give you high-speed internet on the go.

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