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Choosing the Perfect Business Phone System

Interita - March 21, 2017 - 0 comments

Choosing the perfect phone system for your business is a difficult decision. This also gets more complicated based on the size of your business. You may only have to worry about moving a few desks or you may have to consider relocating an entire office floor. Along with this comes planning, itineraries and don’t even get us started on hot desking. To be honest this process used to be more restrictive in the days of landline phones. A VoIP telephone system in your office or place of work makes reshuffling far easier. However, you should remember it might not be right for you because no two businesses are the same. Each individual client needs and deserves something that works best for them.


For some, a normal POTS (Plain old landline system) does the trick and we will make sure you get the best possible deal for that. You may not know anything about the VoIP market and be reluctant to leave your existing landline phone brands but trust us when we say that Samsung alone, do an impressive range of internet phone products.


For those with mobile staff travelling up and down the country, you will need a more flexible VoIP-style phone system for your business. As you can see from our previous blogs this issue is largely dependent on what kind of business you have. Do you know what kind of phone system your business needs? It’s an important decision. The wrong choice could see your business paying far too much. All for a system that you won’t really get the most out of. Many companies are happy no doubt to take your money for whatever they can but Meridian is all about value for our clients. There are some things that every business can benefit from when choosing the system best suited to their needs. So how do you choose the right phone system for your business without letting it get on top of you?

Well. Now you can follow Meridian’s 3 Simple steps.

1) What is your business case for a new phone system?

Think exactly about what your business needs. Do you have offices in different locations or in one place? Do your staff move up and down the country or come to the same building? The reason for this is simply because different phone systems provide different options. If you have an offsite sales force that needs to get data to you on a daily basis then VoIP is probably your best bet. However, if you need to make as many locals calls as you can every day, then it may not?


2)  Do you want your phone system onsite or in the cloud?

For those that don’t know, the cloud is a virtual content management system for your telephone service that can be accessed from anywhere by your business. You may not need the cloud if you work from the same warehouse day in/day out, talking to the same people each day. You may need the cloud if you have to communicate from various different locations that change each day. Mobile phones suit one person but if you are a business with a call centre that is constantly expanding, then it can get too complex. Also, the cost of changing your telephone system is far less than you think.


3) How much will it cost?

This is the surprising part. If you get the right system for your business then it may not cost much at all. As we said earlier, for some businesses a landline might be cheaper but having VoIP could be vital for others. You will also need to consider what your business is paying for from your current provider. It may take time to think about it and make sure what they are offering is right for you. With a complete VoIP system, you are probably covered for every possible thing you could ever need. However, the last thing your business will want is to be billed for extra adds-on and services that it will never use. It’s tricky and it can take a lot of time and experience to know what your business needs from its telephone system. We might be able to help you here actually.


The truth is every business is different so we can only give so much advice before getting to know your business. To get the right telephone system for your unique business will mean getting better results. Take advantage of our offer and let’s work together to choose what is right for YOUR business.


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