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5 benefits of using virtual telephone numbers

5 benefits of using virtual telephone numbers

Business telephone systems are continuing to move forward and this time, it’s with virtual phone numbers. What is a virtual phone number A virtual phone number…

Interita September 6, 2016
6 reasons why your business telephone system needs call recording

6 reasons why your business telephone system needs call recording

  Business telephone systems have been stuck in an age without call recording, and we’re beginning to ask why? Thanks to advent digital technology it’s…

Interita August 30, 2016
VoIP Phone providers are dialling into a new digital age

VoIP Phone providers are dialling into a new digital age

VoIP is storming into our headsets and taking telecommunications over to a new digital age! But understanding what is meant by the term VoIP can be tricky…  The…

Interita August 15, 2016

FREE Health Check for Your Business Phone System

Do you worry about whether your company phone/internet system is costing you too much? Would you like to upgrade your phone system but are concerned that you can’t…

Interita January 19, 2016

Business Telephone System Features Demystified

Despite the growth of online shopping, email and text messaging applications, the telephone is still a crucial business tool for businesses in and around Hampshire.…

Interita October 27, 2015

Reduce your phone bills with Least Cost Routing

Least cost routing (LCR) as its name suggests, is a method of directing business calls via the cheapest available carrier depending on the destination and nature…

Interita July 29, 2015

Could phone rage be losing you customers?

Phone rage is defined as “extreme anger on the phone towards another person or organisation” and it is becoming more common. If you have a business phone system,…

Interita July 21, 2015

Ofcom Simplifies Premium Number Charges

Expensive premium rate telephone numbers have been a bone of contention for consumers and businesses for years, but all that is about to change from 1st July 2015.…

Interita June 23, 2015

Broadband Switching Just Became a Whole Lot Easier!

Switching broadband providers has undoubtedly gotten much easier in the last few years. However, one annoying obstacle remained.  To initiate a change, you had…

Interita June 19, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Is This the Perfect Android Business Mobile Phone?

The Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones has taken a bit of a beating over the last couple of years. Its lacklustre S5 model failed to keep up the increasing competition…

Interita June 19, 2015

Wi-Fi Calling – What Will It Mean For Your Business?

Wi-Fi Calling – What Does Will It Mean For Your Business? You’ll probably have seen the term ’Wi-Fi Calling’  cropping up in the press and online in recent…

Interita May 27, 2015

Business Mobile Phone Networks – And Then There Were Three!

The beginning of the year saw another flurry of takeovers in the mobile telecoms world as the first one; then another of the major UK networks has changed hands.…

Interita May 27, 2015

Virtual Phone Numbers – Can They Make Your Advertising More Effective?

In today’s digital world, many businesses there is still a place for print advertising, but how do you know which adverts work and which don’t? Let’s…

Interita April 27, 2015

Boost Your Business Productivity With A Cloud-based IP Phone System

Is your business still running on a traditional, fixed-line phone system? If the answer is yes, then it’s probably time to consider switching to a modern VoIP…

Interita April 21, 2015

Why Do Smart Businesses Record Their Calls?

Adding the facility to digitally record incoming, and outgoing business calls is now easy and economical, even for smaller companies.  In this short article, we…

Interita March 9, 2015

When Are The Words “Please Hold,” Music To Your Customer's’ Ears?

Does your company ever make callers “hold” until an operator becomes available? If so, have you ever wondered what impact that has, and how you could reduce…

Interita March 5, 2015