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6 reasons why your business telephone system needs call recording

Interita - August 30, 2016 - 0 comments


Business telephone systems have been stuck in an age without call recording, and we’re beginning to ask why? Thanks to advent digital technology it’s now easier and more cost effects to record calls. This article will detail six reasons why your business telephone systems need call recording.

  1. Resolves Disputes

The office can often become the victim of a sticky note pile. When you’re on the phone and a client calls to reschedule, do you often grab a pen to note down the details?

In a busy environment these details can often be lost or forgotten, and in many circumstances lost in a pile of sticky note reminders. But there is a solution, if you opt to install call recording on your business telephone systems then you have your backup. The call recording would have recorded any additional details that your may have missed or lost. So if an annoyed client calls because their expectations have not been met, from their previous discussion, you can now check whether it was a problem your end or theirs. Call recording works efficiently on landlines and mobiles.

  1. Improves Customer Service Business Telephone Systems

Customer service is a critical element for both new and established businesses. By recording your calls you can accurately identify general and specific customer service issues. This will improve your customer’s overall experience and help build a rapport with your clients. Call recording also provides verbatim examples of best practice, which can be included in staff handbooks and training programmes.

  1. Maintains a professional code of conduct

Call recording acts as a good evidence that regulations are being adhered to and that all information relayed is correct. When a complaint or an investigation hits your business, it’s always beneficial that you have recorded evidence and proof that all calls are dealt with professionally.

  1. Monitors staff performance

This is a great example of how you can integrate performance reviews with call recording. You can listen to past conversations to approach where disciplinary actions need to take place or to check that all staff are maintaining a positive representation of the company. Furthermore call recording is a powerful crime prevention tool.

  1. Staff Training

When dealing with staff that work on the phones, it can often be harder to maintain training. This is due to the limitations of only hearing the employees responses (if they are in hearing distance). Business telephone systems with call recording can accurately record both sides of the call for later analysis and feedback.  This helps management teams praise the staff and address problematic behaviours.

  1. Evaluating promotional campaigns

Many businesses will, from time to time, run specific marketing campaigns designed to encourage existing as well as new customers to call. Call recording provides a powerful way to assess their effectiveness. Telephone recording can be used for recording answers to simple questions like “How did you hear about us?” to more detailed analysis of customer comments and perceptions. The information gathered can provide valuable insights into campaign effectiveness and customer preferences. Call recordings can even be transcribed for inclusion in reports.


If you’re interested in setting up call recording on your business telephone systems then call us on 0845 313 0987 for a cost effective solution!

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