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Business telephone systems and energy costs under one umbrella

Interita - October 3, 2016 - 0 comments

Are you finding it difficult to manage your bills as well as running your own business? We understand that trying to juggle multiple tasks can become tiresome and costly, which is why we are proudly introducing a new service for our business telephone systems customers…

About Meridian Energy

Our new service is perfect for small and medium businesses who are looking for an energy provider. Our low-cost energy service, helps you manage your bills alongside your business telephone systems. This means that your business telephone systems and energy providers will be under ONE umbrella.

How can we help you? Business telephone systems and energy costs under one umbrella

  • With Meridian Energy, you will reduce your energy costs by up 50%
  • Free no obligation quotes
  • A reliable and simple service
  • Business telephone systems and energy costs under one umbrella

Trusted by Businesses across the UK

Hundreds of small and medium businesses trust Meridian Energy across the UK. We are continuing to grow this service because of popular demand. With over 15 years of experience within energy supply, we are trusted by many large energy chains.
Discover why our customers love us

Our buying power

Every year we manage over 1TWh of energy power on behalf of our customers. Which is equivalent to powering a large town. This entitles us to better buying power, which helps our customers save money and find better deals.

We’re continuing to grow in power

We proudly welcome around 100 new customers every month, that benefit from substantial savings and better management of their costs. Our aim is to suit your energy requirements and continue to improve your business telephone systems.


For more information contact us on 0845 313 0987

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