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BT ISDN Switch off: Make sure your business is future-proofed.

Sophia - June 4, 2018 - 1 comment

BT is switching off PSTN and ISDN in 2025. It’s time to take a look at what needs to be done to future proof your business!

Starting in 2020, BT is going to start switching off its PSTN and ISDN networks in favour of IP voice services. The switch is estimated to be completed in 2025. This means that your business will be forced to look to IP-based solutions in the future for their telephony needs.

What are PTSN and ISDN?

PSTN (Public switched telephone network) is the familiar landline telephone system which allows for analogue voice communications. This is presently the main carrier for internet activity across the world. ISDN (integrated services digital network) is a newer arrival that allows the digital transmission of voice, video and other services simultaneously.

Why are they being phased out?

In short, ISDN and PSTN are being phased out simply because they’re outdated systems and require an untenable amount of maintenance and cost to run. While they have been updated significantly since first being introduced, they’re still effectively the same as the original telephone systems of the 1800s. In these hyper-technological times, it makes no sense for our telecom systems to still be utilising this out of date technology.

The worrying fact of the matter is that with over 2 million businesses in the UK using ISDN connections (as of 2017), at least a quarter of them are unaware that the switch off will be taking place. This could be catastrophic for a number of businesses if they’re not made aware of the coming changes.

The solution, then, is for companies to switch to IP based services, such as SIP or VoIP to make sure that they don’t find themselves lacking a telephone system.

What are VoIP and SIP?

SIP (session initiation protocol) is used in VoIP (voice over internet protocol). These protocols allow businesses to make voice and video calls, internationally or domestically, using a computer or an internet connected mobile device.

The switch from PSTN and ISDN to SIP and VoIP will come with one very noticeable difference; the cost! Communications between SIP users are 100% free, regardless of geographical location. These communication systems are often referred to under the umbrella of ‘cloud based telephony systems’

Future-proof your business today

In this fast paced modern world, it’s highly important for businesses of all types to modernise the ways in which they operate. While this switch may be seen as impractical, there are a huge number of benefits to be gained from updating to cloud based telephony systems.

One well known VoIP service is the communication giant, Skype and its business counterpart Skype For Business. However, there are a number of brilliant new VoIP systems available that are actually more practical and advanced than these popular giants.

Google Voice is a desktop based VoIP service that offers seamless integration with Android handsets. For businesses, platforms such as Slack allow for phone calls as well as providing a space for all of your projects to go. There are an endless number of VoIP services available to suit the needs of any business.

Contact us for help making the switch

For more information about what the switch from ISDN and PTSN will mean for your business, and help making the switch, get in touch today! Our friendly team are always willing to help you to choose the perfect VoIP and SIP solutions to suit your company!

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  1. Philip

    I hope not! . If we can’t make telephone calls over a copper line anymore, that would be a clear breach of my human rights. That’s disgusting. Not everyone’s phone lines work with broadband.

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