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Broadband Makes Your Office Phone System 5 Times Better

Interita - May 9, 2017 - 0 comments

Everyone uses the internet these days. It’s no surprise to anyone but is your connection fast enough? Is your office phone system also keeping up? Well, maybe you can solve both problems. If you imagine a market where customers can rate your service online or don’t even look at you without a fully optimised, working website. Then imagine how important it is for your business to keep up. Some people will always prefer to speak with someone face to face or on the phone. That will never change. However with a decent virtual office phone system and a fast broadband behind it, why not have all your options covered? More options mean more happy customers.
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 We know that every business is different and the criteria for improving each business changes. Here are some golden rules that ALL businesses can benefit from.


5 Examples How BroadBand Internet Saves Your Business


1) Multiple apps

Broadband internet is better for your business because it can support multiple devices. You can use your computers, ipads and even Samsung mobiles, all in one office at the same time. This is particularly beneficial to the smaller business because you get more value from one utility bill.


2) Cloud-based office

Broadband internet is the one essential ingredients that can upgrade your office to a cloud system. This means everything for your business can be hosted together including your office phone system, your CRM, even your voicemail messages. You can choose to have your new cloud system looked after by someone else off-site or with your staff on your premises.


3) More power

Broadband internet technology is always growing and this can suit the new or small business as it grows and gets more successful. There is also less technical obstacles for expanding with the recruitment of new staff. You may need to upgrade your office for a decent system first but it’s easily rectified.
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4)  Out of hours contact

As we have written in previous blogs, an online cloud-based system can be connected with answer phone and messaging facility. All of this with a permanent broadband connection means you are never out of touch, even at unsocial times. This is especially crucial for the small or new business starting out when your customers are more important than ever.


5) Competitive pricing

This is the bottom line. There is so much on offer from broadband internet providers and phone companies that it can take a while to learn it all. There are ways of getting the best value service covering all your business telecom needs. It all depends on what and how much your business needs. Everyone is different.    

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