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Fixed Quickly

When something goes wrong, you need to get it fixed quickly before it starts to cost your business money.

Remote Maintenance

Waiting for on-site maintenance takes time. If possible, it would be easier for your maintenance company to do it remotely.

We know that faults take

Meridian’s buying power and call routing expertise means that we are able to offer you low-cost line rental and call rates by transferring your line rental billing to us. You can also retain your previous BT number.

Best advice, always

Our maintenance advice is always free and available to you over the telephone.

Remote Diagnostics

Most alterations can be carried out from our office, without the need for a site visit, using our remote diagnostic facilities.

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Business Telephone Systems Maintenance

If you have not purchased a system from us and are looking for a new maintenance company, we would be happy to provide you with a quote. Please call our support department on 0845 313 0987

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