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Lines and Calls

Calls Are Too Expensive

As a business, calls can be a particularly large outgoing expense.

Confusing Billing

Billing can be a real hassle for a company with so many communications.

Support When It Matters

What if something goes wrong? You need a telecoms company that can get to the bottom of problems in a timely and efficient fashion.

The most cost-efficient route for your business

Meridian provides advanced voice and data solutions that will automatically select the most cost-efficient route for your business telephone systems using a choice of leading carriers. You benefit from access to a resilient and high quality communications system, plus excellent reduced call tariffs with the flexibility to cater for your company’s needs.

Save Money

At Meridian we offer low monthly charges and regular tariff reviews.

One Bill

We provide you with one bill for your calls, lines, ADSL and leased lines.

Comprehensive Maintenance

We deal with all line faults to ensure that your business is kept running at its best.

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