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5 Ways Smart Mobiles Improve Your Office Phone Systems

Interita - April 11, 2017 - 0 comments

Smart mobiles improve your office phone systems. Fact! So much time and money can get lost in business because of issues with communication. It’s safe to say that poor productivity in any business is due to similar problems. It is normally down to missing information, details recorded incorrectly or just a general lapse in communications. Bad customer service costs businesses 62 billion dollars a year and that cost has risen over the last 3 years.


Ok, so your business may not have a billion dollar turnover but chances are you can’t afford to lose even a small amount of profit. Especially if a decent, modern telephone system can improve your business. Back in 2015 experts said that in less than two years a smart mobile phone will be your only computer. So make sure your business is keeping up!


We all know that less confusion and clearer communication leads to greater efficiency in any business. With the right facilities, it is possible for any business to improve regardless of size or turnover. With the latest digital communications tech, there are no crackly lines, no crossed wires like the old dial-up landline telephones. You can ask for repeat information and even see the person speaking face to face in some circumstances. Visual internet technology is often more efficient than simply audio dialogue.


Top 5 Reasons Why Smart Mobile Devices are Better for Business


 1) Flexible

They can be used anywhere. The lack of restriction of internet connectivity means that with smart mobiles, your business can connect calls from numerous sources to ever-changing destinations.


2) Cheaper

They save your business money because of the way mobile devices operate. They don’t connect the same way your old telephone landline did so you don’t charged per connection. This makes your system more fluid and less itemised. Now the latest VoIP phones have a trunk system in place that keeps it all together. 

cheaper Smart Mobiles Improve Your Office Phone Systems

3) No more updates

Once your business has a mobile system up and running then, that’s it. You can add to it as much as you wish with no extra hot desking or contract building/engineer work. That kind of thing only annoys your office staff, slowing them down anyway. Any loss of business continuity is also gone forever. For some businesses, a VoIP system is, generally easier to install, configure and maintain. 


4) Clearer communications

Mobile technology generally leaves less room for human error. This means fewer mistakes and lower business costs. The cloud format of an online system generally means that solid, reliable telephone connections are far more likely for your business at any location.    



5) Individual employees are available everywhere

Any employee contact numbers stay with them so, in theory, clients can always get hold of the people they have previously dealt with. For all those campaign calls where someone wants accountability, having a virtual business telephone infrastructure means staff are just a button away. A VoIP system now offers the option to automatically connect right back to the very person resolving the call. The customer will no longer feel frustrated if they lose contact after issues like staff personnel moves or business restructuring.


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