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5 Ways Cat5 Cabling Boosts Your Small Business Phone System

Interita - May 2, 2017 - 0 comments

Every new business naturally needs a small business phone system. Once you get up and running in your new business premises you can look at getting your message out there. On a tight budget, you may not be able to afford the most modern location for your new business but it’s important to get connected.


Your business model is ready. Your company know it’s customers and where to find them. Everything is ready to go but your new location doesn’t have the right phone system? That is problematic because you need to get connected with the modern world. It’s all out there waiting for you but you need to make that first step to getting connected online?
So where do you start? . Well, our answer is Cat 5 Cabling.

5 Reasons Cat5 Cabling Is Ideal For Your New Business.


1) Cheap

That’s always the important thing. Cat5 cabling can make your business more efficiently on small business prices. It’s great for new up and coming businesses everywhere.

2) Easy to install

Your business can be equipped easily with no direct inconvenience to your working space or distracting your office staff.
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3) Versatile

Cat5 Cabling is versatile because of the various functions it provides and can give your business the tech support it needs to prosper. Cat 5 cabling comes in two different types: Solid conductor form is the cheapest and is robust, strong and is used to connect wall sockets. Stranded conductor form is used to connect computers so the wiring is much more flexible. Use of both obviously makes it flexible for what is required to keep your office up together.

4) Faster Data Transfer

The data transfer is good for small businesses handling up to 100 megabits a second. If you are a small business it’s a great way to keep you connected and updated with the new growing daily demands. It can transfer data up to four signals at a time. One day you might want to upgrade your phone system so try to think about planning ahead.

5) Great for small businesses

Due to its intimate nature, it can really bring small offices up to scratch in a relatively short time. If you’re a business that’s just starting out and you need to get your tech up and running then Cat5 cabling is for you.

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