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5 benefits of using virtual telephone numbers

Interita - September 6, 2016 - 1 comment

Business telephone systems are continuing to move forward and this time, it’s with virtual phone numbers.

What is a virtual phone number

A virtual phone number uses IP telephony and call forwarding services. This means that wherever you are, you can still receive your calls, even if you are using a different phone. The perfect solution for those working out of the office, or even if your offices are based worldwide. It cuts out the long distance costs and acts as a normal landline. A virtual phone number routes a call to the user’s phone number.

Here are five benefits of using virtual phone numbers:

Organise your business and personal communications on one device

business telephone systemsYou can split your mobile device to act as two functioning mobile phones. A virtual phone number allows your mobile device to act as a business telephone system and separates your personal contacts from your business contacts. This allows your family or friends to use the same number, while your clients use a different number that still directs to your mobile. Furthermore when placing a call from your virtual number, the client on the other end sees your business line as the caller ID, rather than your personal number.

Consistency is the key to business branding

Make sure to leave a professional outlook on all of your communication systems. This continues to build your brand and professionalism. Rather than choosing a voicemail message that states your name and ‘leave a message after the tone’, opt for “You’ve reached Susan Smith Website Developers…”. These simple changes can benefit the productivity of using a virtual phone number.

Immerse into a world of features that are better than a mobile phone number

With a virtual phone number, you can add features, such as call forwarding, SMS notifications, email notifications, advanced customisation of your settings and greater conferencing capabilities, with many more features still available. If you choose to customise your business telephone systems with a Cloud Phone, you can receive extensions for your employees from anywhere around the world.

Business telephone systems with toll-free numbers

Allow your business to reach new heights and new markets. With a toll-free number, you’re opening your businesses up to more calls from your clients, which will increase your sales as you can promote new offers or better packages. Clients will feel more comfortable to call you directly, rather than trying to contact a company that charges them for their time.

No need to pay out for expensive hardware

Virtual numbers offer flexibility for business telephone systems. Virtual numbers are compatible with mobile phones and even your employee’s personal mobile phones, which means you don’t need to pay out for new business telephone systems.

We hope you’ve found this information useful! For more information, or to get started with a Virtual Phone Number, contact us on 0845 313 0987

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    I would like to have a telephone service that can benefit me most efficiently. I want to have service anywhere I go. I want to know that I have service that is consistant.

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