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4 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade Your Business Telephone System

Interita - April 18, 2017 - 0 comments

Customer Relationship Management is the bread and butter for successful businesses everywhere. Even with well-trained and talented staff the actual business telephone system you use in your business makes or breaks successful customer service. It’s basically what keeps your affairs in order and your customers happy. Did you know that with a Cloud-based phone system you can integrate your telephone network and your CRM system even further? Think of the benefit to your customer service performance. People miss calls. It happens. Someone calls back, they get cut off accidentally or it’s simply too busy. Does your business have a Cloud based business telephone system? Well, you may say it’s not important as your business is perhaps too small. You may think it has got along fine without one so far but there is always a possibility for growth in business and thinking ahead. 


Here at Meridian, we like to pride ourselves on providing cost-effective business advice so we have delved down deep to find out the best CRM options for your business here:


4 Great Reasons why a Cloud Business Telephone System is Important


1) Automatic Call Forwarding

Did you know that 78% of customers bail on a transaction due to poor customer service? It is widely known that twice as many customers speak about negative experiences over positive ones. It takes at least 12 positive experiences to negate a poor one. Keeping customers engaged is vital and having a cloud- VoIP business telephone system that integrates with your CRM is the best possible way to keep these positive customer experiences flourishing. Having an automatic call forwarding function will allow your business to keep your customers there with you on the phone. You can forward calls to multiple numbers or divert calls easily without losing an already unhappy customer. You can also set something in place for out of hours calls. This is especially important if your business works unsocial hours.


2) Auto Attendant

Auto-attendant is a vital part of any business phone system. It’s the part that greets incoming callers with options and diverts them to the correct department extension. You may recall when you last rang the bank and heard a recorded voice asking you to press the numbers on the keypad? Well, this was your introduction to an auto-attendant on the telephone. They are increasingly popular with even the smallest businesses that may not have the time and space for a reception desk. Either way, an auto attendant is important for making a strong and professional first impression to prospective clients and customers.


3) Conference Calling

Any business can benefit from voice or video meetings with multiple colleagues or customers spread across different locations. The modern world of global business is remote and virtual. Now even the smallest business can compete in the market with a cloud-based business telephone system that operates a conference calling facility. Conference calls can be conducted via softphone apps on desktop PCs, or with table-top units for meeting rooms. Modern tabletop conference phones have exceptional call clarity with the microphone and speaker technology optimised to work with the acoustics of a typical office or boardroom. You can make sure everyone is singing from the same songsheet with conference calling and for the small business; it shows you can compete with the big players.

Business telephone systems for conference calling

4) Voicemail to Email Transcription

Voicemail is a basic feature expected in every phone system but a good business telephone system can offer a variety of options. Listening back through stacked up multiple messages is far too time-consuming. A voicemail transcription can be set up so the voicemail messages are transcribed to text and sent to your email inbox. This saves so much time and effort and the potential boredom of your staff. This also means important keyword details can be picked out for greater customer service efficiency, therefore improving business continuity. Voicemail to email functionality is an excellent way to improve your business continuity as you can receive your messages whenever and wherever. Now there is no excuse for letting customers complaints slip off the grid, even if you out of the office. It is yet another reason why your business needs to keep up with the times.

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