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4 Questions About Your Small Business Phone System

Interita - April 25, 2017 - 0 comments


So your small business phone system isn’t up to scratch . . but things are ticking along nicely, you say? You have enough business, enough customers and enough staff. You provide high-quality customer service and your business knows how to meet high standards of customers satisfaction. Good news all round. However, there is one problem; your office phone system isn’t brilliant. In some ways a smaller business probably requires a better office phone system than a large corporation does. Why do you ask? Well because you have fewer customers and you can’t afford to lose any.








It doesn’t matter if you are installing a new office phone system, replacing or expanding your current office phone system. It must meet the needs of your business because keeping customers happy is vital for any business success. There are certain questions you may need to consider when you are choosing a phone system for your business.


4 Questions to ask before buying a phone system


1) Does your small business need a full office phone system?

Consider what you need; auto-attendant? Voicemail to email messaging? There are so many functions and facilities in place that you can pick and choose what is right for your small business now and as it grows. If you want call transferring and call directories on a landlines system you need the relevant PBX software already in your business premises but with a Cloud-VoIP system, it all arrives as one. Much easier.


2) What kind of telephone service do you need?

Traditional landlines are slowly becoming a thing of the past but can still be useful if you are a small business. Landlines are often under local telephone service providers but a VOIP system can be any size anywhere. You also have your pick of telephone providers. Did you know they are charged differently? A trunk system charges traditional landlines per connection but a VoIP is an overall package price. Choosing the right business telephone system for your business is important.



3) In your office or in the cloud?

You can decide if your small business phone system is hosted at the premises of your business or elsewhere by a cloud service. Landlines systems require PBX hardware that needs to already be installed on your business premises but with a Cloud-VoIP system, it isn’t an issue.  

small business phone system

4) How Much Can you Spend?

The big question. It’s not just about spending money it is about getting what you need. If you don’t know what exact phone requirement your business needs then you may not know where to start?


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