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How useful are telephone landlines for your business?

Well, it all depends on what your business needs? The small business phone system is the backbone of its enterprise and often a landline is crucial for this. Now…

Interita June 27, 2017

5 Warning Signs to Protect Your VoIP Phone System

Last week we blogged about ways you can keep your office phone system safe. This week we are focussing on the VoIP phone system. We looked at providing some credible…

Interita June 6, 2017
5 Ways to Keep Your Office Phone System Safe

5 Ways to Keep Your Office Phone System Safe

In light of recent events, everyone has to be more careful about security. We need to safeguard everything from internet folders to your office phone system. It’s…

Interita May 30, 2017
What Every New Business Needs Starting Out

What Every New Business Needs Starting Out

If you are starting up a new business, you are probably going to start small. It’s likely you have a great idea. If you managed to get financial backing already…

Interita May 23, 2017

Broadband Makes Your Office Phone System 5 Times Better

Everyone uses the internet these days. It’s no surprise to anyone but is your connection fast enough? Is your office phone system also keeping up? Well, maybe…

Interita May 9, 2017

5 Ways Cat5 Cabling Boosts Your Small Business Phone System

Every new business naturally needs a small business phone system. Once you get up and running in your new business premises you can look at getting your message…

Interita May 2, 2017

4 Questions About Your Small Business Phone System

  So your small business phone system isn’t up to scratch . . but things are ticking along nicely, you say? You have enough business, enough customers…

Interita April 25, 2017